Q. Who is allowed to use this site?
A. Anyone may browse the content, but only UC faculty and their designates may upload content.

Q. How do you handle copyright?
A. The person uploading content is responsible for insuring that they have any relevant copyrights to distribute the material.

Q. Why does this site exist?
A. Carbon neutrality, climate change, and sustainability are among the most important and pressing concerns for the future of human civilizations on Earth. We hope that, by allowing UC faculty to share educational materials on these topics, we can make some small contribution to the much broader efforts to address these concerns.

Q. How is content organized on this site?
A. Users can contribute three different kinds of resources: media, person, and place. CSERL uses tags to categorize and locate content. Click here to learn more about tags. When entering new content it is important to tag the content with meaningful terms. Use pre-existing tags (they will autocomplete when typing) whenever possible.

Q. How do I find content on this site?
A. Use the Find-Content filter located in the main menu to filter content by kind (media/person/place), file type (media only), tags, or author. If you select a tag listed for a content item, you can see all other content given that same tag. Finally, you can use the search field in the top menu to search for keywords across all fields, including titles, descriptions, and all tags. The content must be indexed before it is accessible through the search bar. Site indexing occurs nightly so very recently added content may not yet be accessible to search.

Q. Why is my user profile [not] visible on this site?
A. Anyone with an account is automatically entered as a person resource. Users can edit their visibility on the site and their availability as a resource from within their account profile. They can update their bio and picture from their user profile as well.