CSERL is part of the University of California Carbon Neutrality Initiative

CSERL enables UC faculty to share educational resources related to carbon neutrality, climate change, and sustainability. These resources include course curricula, lectures, seminars, podcasts, tutorials, and other learning materials. Only UC faculty (and their designated assistants or sustainability staff) may upload content, which they can choose to make public or visible only to UC faculty, staff, and students.

Climate change and sustainability are critical concerns for the future of human civilizations. We hope you will share your educational materials on these topics to help diffuse up-to- date climate and sustainability resources across the UC educational experience. Create an account here.

The Faculty Engagement and Education Working Group of the UC President's Global Climate Leadership Council developed the CSERL concept as part of their goal to make climate neutrality and sustainability part of the curricular and/or other educational experience of all UC students.  CSERL was designed by Ankita Raturi, Debra Richardson, and Bill Tomlinson, in consultation with faculty from many different campuses around the UC system. It was originally implemented by Fluxscape, with additional implementation by Kari Nies.

About the UC Global Climate Leadership Council

The Global Climate Leadership Council was formed in 2014 to advise UC on achieving the ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 (pdf) while also providing guidance for furthering its other longstanding sustainability goals. The council also  provides guidance on integrating the carbon neutrality initiative and other sustainability goals into UC’s teaching, research and public service mission.

The council is comprised of scientists, administrators, students and experts from inside and outside UC and engages the entire university community in its effort to seek out the best practices, policies and technology to achieve carbon neutrality and to advance teaching and research in climate change and sustainability.

The council is organized around key areas of contribution toward the initiative’s success:

  • Energy services
  • Applicable research
  • Campus and medical center climate action plans
  • Sustainability policy
  • Faculty engagement and education
  • Student engagement
  • Health sciences and services
  • Financial strategies
  • Communications and political advocacy

Give us feedback

CSERL is still in its early phase of implementation.  Help us improve it. We welcome your suggestions, observations, and other feedback.

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